Woven beaded projects can be created using a loom or by many different off loom stitches. Here are some examples of projects that I have created. Any project can be re-created or customized with a different pattern and color combination.

Hair Bands (loomed)
Choose a pattern from Loom Weaves Pattern.1 page, color combination, and width desired. Then measure your head for a snug fit and the hair band can be created especially for you. The covered elastic allows enough "give" to get the hair band on easily.
Pattern 10.X's.
Colors black, silver, ruby red
in "silver-lined" (sparkly) beads 
Key Tabs (off loom)
Off loomed weave securely woven on nylon tab. Optional larger split ring can be added.
Woven Baskets (2 inch diameter) (off loom)
Two baskets shown in different colors. The blue iris/turquoise/pink basket is upside down in picture to show design on bottom.
Weaves for Dog Collars (loomed)
Weaves on Buckle Collars for the Inharmony Malamutes
Weave on Sled Dog Collar
Pattern 21.Celtic Knots.2(Inharmony owned)
Stetson Hatbands (loomed and fully adjustable)
Weaves can be added to any dog (or cat) collar. My mares also have fancy beaded browbands on their bridles.

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Key Tabs can be made any length. Patterns can be chosen from loomed weave patterns (page: Loom Patterns.1) or a new pattern (such as my longer tab above) can be created.
Loomed Bookmarks
Add some netting over knots and an elastic slider and an easy to make braided lariet can function as a belt or necklace.
Shaded X's          Medicine Buddha      Calla Lillies                 Pansies               'Sing' (wolves) in black/white or blue

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This unique ornament was a commission from Germany. The stitch is a tightly woven mandala stich - similar to peyote - that is extremely time consuming.  While small (almost 3" wide), it took many many hours to create.