What is the intention?

The intention behind this work is to give all dogs the best possible chance to have a happy and fulfilling life with a Benevolent Leader. The concept of Benevolent Leader encompasses many different areas of living and communicating with another being. As this is the common thread thoughout the entire piece, the first major section is "Benevolent Leaders with  Happy Dogs."  The concept of Benevolent Leader is applicable to everyone - not just people with pe ts . Indeed, many aspects of this work can be directly applied to people - especially children .

Who would benefit from Happy Dogs with Benevolent Leaders?

Anyone who has an interest in dogs, wants to find the 'right' dog, experienced dog owners, and dog breeders. There is information in this work that is not found elsewhere.

My hope is that dog breeders will use this as a tool to add to their 'puppy packages' that go with pups to their new homes. I will not recommend specific diets or go into specifics of grooming (other than the basics of grooming a double coated dog - of which there are many breeds). This should be done by the breeder of the pups. But I also recognize, after decades in purebred dogs, that very few breeders have the interest or skill to help clients educate  or manage their dogs - to any level of expertise.

As part of the Canine Education section, I have included the Educational Program at Inharmony for teaching puppies that I use. It is very detailed as to why, when, and what to teach. Following this program, my training buddy and I have established a very solid foundation of education - all 28 Foundational Sk ills - with three pups before they were a year of age. We have noticed a huge difference in their abilities at a younger age  compared to their older siblings and/or parents. These pups' progress is recorded throughout this work and on the DVDs.

The section on Personalities is written to help dog fanciers understand their canine companions. "Sorting out Puppy Personalities"   follows the development of seven pups, how clues to their personalities started to appear, 'guestimations' on their personality profiles at 8 weeks and a follow-up of all the pups at one year of age. This gives a dog fancier or breeder (of any experience) some real clues about the possibly puppy personality profiles at a very young age. Learning how to evaluate pups as they grow and develop is considerably more accurate than a one-time 'puppy personality evaluation' administered by a stranger. Ultimately, this knowledge is very beneficial for matching puppies with the best 'forever' home.



Here are a few pictures selected from the
1,322 photos and illustrations 
 Happy Dogs with Benevolent Leaders

Justin demonstrates moving side-steps in the foundational skill Precision Heeling. Two complete sequences of footwork are shown in still photos as well as on video.
Kain is shown in the Jump Chute.
Molly happily works in Rally-O @ 14 mon. An updated section on using and introducing Canine Halters is included in the equipment section in Canine Education.
Kadence has fun playing "The Box Game" as her creative thinking is encouraged .


Happy Dogs with Benevolent Leaders is a unique compilation of topics involved in living with a dog. Reflecting upon the scope of the topics in this tome, it became clear that this work is really three books combined into one. The many topics are interconnected; to separate the sections into three different volumes would not do justice to the work, the reader, and the dogs.

In this Introduction are two articles. The first is “Happy Dogs with Benevolent Leaders” that explains the sixteen principles of Benevolent Leadership. As the 'tome' expands on all of these principles, this is an introduction of the philosophy of how I live with, teach, and learn from my dogs. The second article is “The Alaskan Malamute.” This breed is very unlike 'typical' family companions. I wrote about my breed of choice to illustrate how and why my teaching practices and daily living evolved as they did. The Malamutes have been amazing teachers for me in my life-long exploration about dogs.

“UNDERSTANDING DOGS” explores the unique relationship between humans and dogs. Knowledge is as powerful and positive as ignorance is destructive. Educating ourselves about the very social canines who evolved with humans can only benefit everyone. An opportunity for deep and mutual respect, trust, and love then has a chance to grow and flourish. Topics covered are: “Canine Evolution,” “Mind and Spirit,” “Personality Puzzle and Sorting out Puppy Personalities,” “Life Passages,” “Communication,” and “To Breed or Not to Breed.”

“DOGS AS LIFE COMPANIONS” evolved out of “My Puppy Book” that I compiled and sent along with every puppy that I bred when they left Inharmony. “Welcome Home” starts with finding a new companion and the first introductions in the family including housetraining. The next three chapters, “Barricades to Baths,” “Diet,” and “Health” cover the physical aspects of caring for a dog. These chapters can be accessed as a reference tool for finding information on a particular topic. The important “Managing the Family” is daily living with dogs and prevention of problems. “Activities” introduces many activities that can be enjoyed. Introducing a dog to harness work is addressed in “Recreational Sledding.”

“CANINE EDUCATION” is the largest section in the tome. After an Introduction, the chapters are “Anatomy, Physiology, Training, and Teaching,” “Learning Theory,” “Equipment for Canine Education,” “Educating Your Own Dog,” “Educational Program at Inharmony,” and “Foundation Building.” The “Educational Program at Inharmony” follows three puppies throughout their education from birth. It is a program that anyone could follow with their own dog. “Foundation Building” has the 29 skills that are taught and “Reflections” on the information on the accompanying three DVD's.

The final section of the tome has my “Final Thoughts” and lists for: “Glossary of terms,” “Skill Introduction List,” “Vocabulary in Educational Program at Inharmony”, and “Reference Material.

This tome provides the information for owners of any level of experience to understand and live in harmony with a dog. Each topic is explored in depth which explains why this work is presented in pdf format on a copyright protected CD. It is too immense for any publisher to print in hard copy. There are 901 pages generously illustrated with 1,322 photos and illustrations. The accompanying 3 DVD's supplement the writing and static photos in puppy education and in teaching the 29 Foundational Skills.

I must emphasize that this work is based on my own study and experience with dogs. I am not a professional canine behaviorist. I do use the practice of ethology (clear observation of behavior) and a lot of research in any form that helps to increase my knowledge. I am a firm believer that educated owners will be able to educate their dogs to become wonderful canine companions and good canine citizens. The philosophy behind all my writing and teaching is:

“As a dog's owner becomes more knowledgeable and understands him more,
the better the chances are for the dog to become and remain a
Happy Dog.”

The Inharmony Malamutes, past and present, have been on an incredible journey with me. As my knowledge increased and my personal situation stabilized, the Mals were and are always with me. Over the years, I developed into a Benevolent Leader. My present wonderful group of Alaskan Malamutes continues to teach me even as I share what I've learned.

                             May every dog be blessed to have their special person  
                                            become a Benevolent Leader.

From the Personality chapter... Kadence and Molly are best of friends even though they are litter sisters.
From the Communication chapter, Pema is greeted appropriately by one of her six week old pups.

From Activities chapter... Recreational Sledding

My very special team of four photographed in 2010.

My two leaders, Geoffrey (left) and Dorje (right) died before the end of writing "Happy Dogs with Benevolent Leaders."
       This is a favorite photo of this very special team.

Four pictures from the huge Canine Education section
Photo of Kadence, Ruth, Molly taken Oct. 2011
October 12, 2012 .... over 2 years of work is completed! Discs sets are now ready to order. The 3-in 1 book set with 3 DVD's that are accompanying it are priced at $100 Cdn. Details on HD.BL Order page.
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I have chosen to periodiocally send pertinant articles that I write to add to the CD. This will keep the book current.

Added Articles

To keep this work current, there  is an extra folder on the CD for articles written after Oct. 12, 2012. These are sent at no extra charge to owners of the disc sets.

Articles are:  "Settle,"  "Fit or Fat," "Baby Puppy Education," "Canine Einsteins," and "Brave."