The largest section of the book is dedicated to Canine Education and covers all aspects of educating a dog, including a detailed step-by-step educational program starting from the new born puppy and ending with the skills that a two-year-old dog should be able to master.
I will post more comments about this very unique and inspirational work when I have finished reading it. Right now we're having fun trying to teach our dogs some of the fun tricks that are included in the Inharmony Alaskan Malamutes' Foundational Skills List. Realizing the scope and level of skills that Malamutes can be taught, Fredrik and I are starting to wonder what we have been doing with our time??

If you want to explore this book yourself and begin 2013 with a whole new set of ideas for training and educating your dogs, Happy Dogs with Benevolent Leaders is currently available for purchase on Ruth's website
Marit Kangas of (Working Malamutes of northern Sweden)


There have always been dogs in my life. I now realize that I grew up with a benevolent leader. My mother told me that if I was bitten by a dog and it was my fault, I would be punished. I first shared my life with a Malamute over 25 years ago. I have learned so much from these wise mature dogs. I know I was not the leader that my first Malamute needed and deserved. I wish I had the wisdom in "Happy Dogs with Benevolent Leaders" then. I spent years educating myself going to seminars, courses, reading etc. so I could be what my dogs needed me to be. I highly recommend this book there is no other like it. he books I have on dogs focus on one aspect-training-health-feeding but there is not one that covers it all in such detail. I have known Ruth for over 25 years, we have become very close friends, I have immense respect and trust in her wisdom she is a true Benevolent Leader in all it's aspects. Ruth has listened to her dogs and grown with them spiritually and as a canine educator. She shares what she has learned in this amazing book to the benefit of all of us-dogs and owners alike. This is the book that dogs would want written it is their voice.


One of the things I have learned for sure over thirty odd years as a small animal veterinarian, dog owner and trainer is that there are many different ideas and techniques to successfully train a dog. There are very few methods that are absolutely right or absolutely wrong, and different things work for different personalities. And the word personalities, as Ruth points out, refers to both the dog as well as the owner. She has spent years living with her breed, and has written from the heart, with years of experience to back her up. Anyone who has had one dog, or many dogs, as part of their life, will be encouraged to see things in a different light, and try new methods to achieve their happy dog!
Eileen Alberton, DVM, Williams Lake, B.C.


Ruth Kellogg is a great friend and mentor. I have thoroughly enjoyed been able to participate in the hands on research for this book. My family and I are exited for Ruth and this book she has written. During the process of book I have learned a lot, and have witnessed first hand the positive affects of the education process the dogs have had, as well as in my personal life with my children. It amazes me how similar my young children are to my dogs, and as they grow together how they change together in similar aspects of their attitudes. Thank you Ruth, for helping me open my eyes on how to teach my dogs as well as understand them. The big lessons I have learned through this book are patience, and being a student as well as a teacher. I speak for my family as well as myself when I say “Way to go!” and "we love you very much".
Candice D'Appolonia, Williams Lake, B.C.


I was running across the cement floors in the back grooming areas and looking for the lady with the Alaskan Malamutes so I could take her dog into the Junior Handling ring. I did find that lady and her dog along with another lady who had her Alaskan Malamutes. I remember these two individuals from my childhood, because it forever changed my life.

Ruth Kellogg was one of those individuals. I continued to follow her name in articles and books. She was the first person to actually state that you can get an obedience title on your Alaskan Malamute and you can get your dog to go to a “Mark.” My following continued without my knowing so. I attended a class in our local obedience club and saw her Malamutes; I knew the moment I saw her with her dogs that it was Ruth Kellogg, now with beautiful silver colored hair like her Mals. After the class I had to let her know. I felt like that little girl running up to her at that show so many years ago!

With this writing, she has addressed many issues from puppyhood to the other side. Being in the animal field for as many years as I have and watching how many dogs have to be euthanized due to aggression issues, this writing shows clearly that we need to rethink our “training” methods. Happy Dogs with Benevolent Leaders teaches the dog owner how to lead with kindness and knowledge throughout all life stages of owning a dog. Ruth is a true teacher and mentor in my life since my childhood. To see the dedication and hard work that she has put forward to the public shows that she wants our society to rethink how we approach our canine companions. This is a book of true mentoring to her dogs and the people who are privileged to own a dog. This book is one to read and reread over many years to come. Thank you, Ruth, for saving our beloved dogs from the misunderstanding of human communication.
Debbie Wood, 150 Mile House, B.C.


Thank you to those who have taken the time to review the 4 disc set (E-book and 3 DVD's) and write down comments.

“The philosophy behind all my writing and teaching is: As a dog’s owner becomes more knowledgeable and understands him more, the better the chances are for the dog to become    and remain a Happy Dog.”

Three interconnected books in one.
901 pages with 1,322 photos and illustrations plus 3 DVD's

Understanding Dogs

“Canine Evolution
,” “Mind and Spirit,” “Personality Puzzle and Sorting out Puppy Personalities,” “Life Passages,” “Communication,” and “To Breed or Not to Breed.”

Dogs as Life Companions

“Welcome Home,” “Barricades to Baths,” “Diet,” “Health,” “Managing the Family,” “Activities” (including Recreational Sledding).

Canine Education

“Anatomy, Physiology, Training, and Teaching
,” “Learning Theory,” “Equipment for Canine Education,” “ Educating Your Own Dog,” “Educational Program at Inharmony,” and “Foundation Building (with 29 foundational skills).

FORMAT: E-Book with 3 DVD's (copyrighted)